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Profitably accelerate your ecommerce growth through data-driven media buying, top-class performance creative and high-volume testing.

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3 Ways We Will Accelerate Your Growth

Paid Social

Profitably scaling your customer acquisition

At the core of our service lies Performance Marketing with a strong focus on Facebook and Instagram advertising – Paid Social. While we support you in diversifying and integrating your efforts across all channels, Facebook remains the leading media buying channel to drive growth for e-commerce businesses.

Top Level Expertise

We are not your ordinary small agency

We are an untypical, highly experienced team with expert knowledge of attribution, strategy, ad creation and account structure – best placed to analyze our clients marketing activities in depth and add all the missing pieces to improve performance.

Extensive Reporting

We fight for clarity around attribution

We don’t romanticize clever ideas that don’t bring sales. We use data to make informed decisions on how to drive profitable growth. That’s why when it comes to presenting data, it’s our demand to ourselves that your regular updates, weekly analytics and monthly reports will not only keep you in the loop but also show numbers as accurate as they can get.

How Le Petit Lunetier Partnered With Zing To Scale Conversion Volume And Enter New Markets

Le Petit Lunetier is one of Europe‘s finest DTC brands. Before working with Zing, their paid acquisition had hit a glass ceiling. Through working together, we were able to build out a holistic account structure to successfully scale new markets like Germany and Austria, and triple spend on the already established French market. After four months of working with Zing, profitable ad spend was increased by 3.6x, purchases have increased by 273% and the total conversion volume across all markets has more than tripled.

How We Did It:



Increase in total purchases


Increase in total profitable ad spend


Increase in Conversion Volume France


Increase in Conversion Volume Germany

The only agency that REALLY makes you part of it

Proactive Updates

We value transformative relationships. That means while working together we want to help you learn as much as possible about what we do and why we do it. Gone are the times of missing out on news or insights from your account. We will proactively keep you up to date.

Weekly Insights

To make sure you are aware of the numbers and changes every week, you will get a Weekly Insights report at the beginning of each week summarizing last weeks learnings and reporting all key metrics that are important to you.

Quarterly Business Review

Let’s talk about the big ones. Here we will talk about the major strategies – what worked and what didn’t. The QBR will make sure we are aligned on the big-picture goals for the next quarter and zoom out every three months to see where we are going. This is also a time for us to ask for feedback and make sure we understand how we can make things even better for you next quarter.

Monthly Reports

Our Monthly Reports go in-depth on everything that happened throughout the month. What we did, what we saw happening, and what we will do next. We will report across the whole funnel so you get a look into every stage of the customer journey and know exactly what we are achieving.

Monthly Strategy Session

As a follow-up to our section on the next steps in the monthly reporting, we will walk you through our strategies for the next month and make sure we are aligned on key targets and metrics. This is also the time to make sure we keep improving on synergies and integrating well with all your other marketing channels.

Weekly Creative Testing Reports

The creative testing intelligence is the most wonderful deliverable out of all. Because each week, we will show you exactly what your target audience responds to from a visual perspective. This report features all of the creative tests we’ve run the previous week – which, more likely than not, are a lot.

Ongoing Performance marketing Improvements

How We Are Different

More bang for the same buck.

You get Account Strategist Lead Media Buyer Country Manager Digital Design Lead

Other Agencies

You get Media Buyer

We are able
to test ad creative fast and at

Media buying and creative production under one roof.

Other Agencies

Constantly dependend
on you for a new ad creative.

Our account team is able to advertise to the biggest European countries individually in terms of strategizing, messaging, copywriting and budgeting.

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Proactive Team

Our team acts as a true strategic partner with deep knowledge of the current digital landscape and consistently updates you on new ideas, developments and opportunities.

Make More Money

We value profitable growth. First, we’ll make sure to pay for ourselves. Then, to consistently improve performance.

You Own Everything

All of the work we do is always yours. The campaigns, the data, the ad creative. You own and keep everything.

Faster Onboarding

We won’t waste your time nor your retainer money. Onboarding is automated, so it takes 1-2 hours rather than 2 weeks of back and forth.

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